Ellen Hackl Fagan



Ellen Hackl Fagan, What Does Blue Sound Like?, site-specific installation and details, 2017.
Mid-Manhattan Library Windows. Plexiglas, flourescent lights, foam board.
Each vitrine approximately 39 h x 27w x 25 d inches

Mid-Manhattan Library Art in the Windows Exhibition-Ellen Hackl Fagan, What Does Blue Sound Like?

This exhibition features The Reverse Color Organ (RCO) with an interactive web app that viewers can download to their iPhones or Droids. Their phones become a synaesthetic tool, enabling them to explore their own unique opinions about the sounds of colors.

The artist hopes to have over 150,000 submissions from visitors to the website. To play load this address into your browser http://www.rcoblue.com

On view day and night. Now through June 28, 2017


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Interdisciplinary abstract painter, Ellen Hackl Fagan uses synesthesia, digital media and interactive performance as tools for developing a corresponding language between color and sound in her paintings.